Law Firm and Corporate Legal End-User Software Training

Customized Curricula for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

Attorney Resource provides instructor-led end user software training to law firms and corporate legal departments locally, regionally and nationally.  Whether you need design and training for a full-scale software migration, assistance with training for a new software program or upgrade, or instruction on specific features of an application, the experienced instructors at Attorney Resource will maximize return on your technology investment.

Attorney Resource has a deep understanding of the legal profession and that each client’s specific needs are unique; therefore, in the planning phase we will speak with your representatives to discuss recommended customizations to ensure a successful learning experience.


Our customized training is delivered on-site or via live webinar. We cater the content to the individual – attorney, paralegal or support personnel and provide quick reference documentation, which can also be customized to your needs. We successfully retain a relationship with our clients by answering follow up questions and providing further training.

At Your Side Training

At Your Side Training is Attorney Resource’s floor support training. It is extremely valuable for newly trained people to have a chance to ask questions and troubleshoot issues while at their own desk. Our experienced instructors assist with customizations as well as answer questions. In addition, floor support gives each user a time to address individual needs.

Course Development

With our objective of providing customized training, we listen to your goals and suggest course content that will enable you and your staff to achieve the end result that you want. We tailor our training content to you!

Template Creation

Legal personnel have very specific needs among which is to work in a standardized and efficient manner. Templates and styles help in achieving those goals. We consult with you and create or update your existing templates and macros as well as give you suggestions for new ways to work more efficiently.

To schedule training or for further information about our services contact:

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On behalf of our firm, I would like to say what a pleasure it was to work with Elaine. I had the pleasure of working with her on macro projects weeks before I introduced her to the firm. I already knew how amazing she was and knowledgeable she is, not just on the product, but most especially on how it pertains to the practice of law and how we would be utilizing these products on a daily basis. During the webinar, my attorneys were impressed by her wealth of knowledge as well. The course went smooth and she really was able to hone in on the important aspects of the project and not waste anyone’s time.

Windows 7 and eDOCSWhite Plains, NY

I am very happy to have been recommended to Attorney Resource for training. It was a pleasure to have her as my trainer. She was prompt, professional and very easy going. I truly appreciate, as it helps to keep a student comfortable and capable. She did an excellent job of showing us the tools to help us with our problem documents. We will certainly contact Attorney Resource in the future.

Training TestimonialDallas, TX

Enjoyed meeting the instructor. I appreciated instructor’s patience with my lack of knowledge and my jumping from subject to subject. Very knowledgeable, helpful, informative. Helped out troubleshooting and trouble spots. Did learn how software works in relation to office place documents. Very appreciative of her instruction and comments, and I will recommend her highly to my firm.

Training TestimonialDallas, TX

Elaine was extremely helpful, It was great having her here.

OpenText eDOCS DM 10Sesame Workshop, New York, NY

Elaine was both patient and responsive and went beyond expectations to make sure my questions were answered.

OpenText eDOCS DM 10Sesame Workshop, New York, NY

Elaine was very informative and knew the product – she was definitely answering from her personal knowledge, not just reciting rote answers. She was also quite patient in answering all the questions we had.

eDOCS DMWilkins Finston Friedman PLLC, Dallas, TX

Loved, Loved, Loved Bonnie and her training knowledge and materials!!!

iManage, Outlook/Word 2013Strong Pipkin Bissell & Ledyard, L.L.P., Houston/Beaumont, TX

This was very helpful, I already set 2 auto-correct phrases and a Quick-Parts. Always excited to learn new functions and shortcuts. Great session!

Outlook 2010 New Features & EfficienciesR Jawahir - Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey, LLP, Danbury, CT

I thoroughly enjoyed the training session with Elaine.

Excel 2010 Lunch and LearnMcDonald Sanders, P.C., Dallas, TX

Ms. Lowenkron is very knowledgeable about Excel. I have limited use with Excel at work and do not need much advanced training, but I did learn a few interesting tips.

Excel 2010 Lunch and LearnMcDonald Sanders, P.C., Dallas, TX

I had a few issues with some spreadsheets in my day to day work and she was able to provide me some alternative ways to make things work more smoothly.

Excel 2010 Lunch and LearnMcDonald Sanders, P.C., Dallas, TX