Law Firm and Corporate Legal End-User Software Training

Floor Support Program

At Your Side Training is Attorney Resource’s floor support program for law firms and corporate legal departments. Our mission is to make support staff and attorneys more knowledgeable and productive with software programs without leaving the office.

It is extremely valuable for newly trained people to have a chance to ask questions and troubleshoot issues while at their own desk. Our experienced instructors assist with customizations as well as answer questions. In addition, floor support gives each user a time to address individual needs.

Does Your Law Firm or Corporate Legal Department Need At Your Side Training?

  • Floor support following upgrades or introduction of new software
  • Users know the software programs but have certain features or documents with which they need assistance
  • Each member of the staff has different needs
  • Too busy to leave the office for training
  • Need shortcuts and productivity pointers to use software more efficiently

What are the Benefits of At Your Side Training?

  • Your location
  • Floor support at users’ desk
  • Answer questions from different applications, e.g. Word, WordPerfect, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, Access
  • Circulate among users providing floor support
  • Customized, unique, individual
  • Available in half day or full day time slots – no long term contract required
  • Increase user productivity

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