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Attorney Resource specializes in providing skilled legal professionals for law firms and corporate legal departments. We have a clear understanding of the needs and culture of each client which allows us to match your career goals, work style and experience with the firm’s culture.

Our recruiters have a deep understanding of the legal profession and are knowledgeable about what you do. We offer competitive pay and can connect you with the best jobs in the legal field. Attorney Resource will work with you to find the best fit.

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Is there a fee for your services?

Our services are free for applicants. The law firms and corporate legal departments with whom we work pay fees to Attorney Resource.

What are the advantages of working temporary or contract assignments?

It allows you an opportunity to work with a variety of law firms or corporate legal departments, learn how the firm works and gain experience while searching for the ideal job. Many enjoy the flexible work schedule and full-time job opportunities do arise from temporary assignments.

How often should I report my availability status?

On a weekly basis; however, if there is a sudden change in your status, contact us immediately. We offer an online Availability form you may access anytime. If we do not hear from you in a reasonable amount of time, we will assume you are employed and no longer available.

What if you offer a position and I feel it is not right for me?

Our goal is to match your career goals, work style and experience with the firm’s culture. You may decline any position and we will continue to contact you when new opportunities arise.

What if I am having a problem while on assignment?

We ask that you contact us immediately to discuss the options. We may ask that you stay until we are able to make other arrangements.

How can I find out about current opportunities?

Simply go to the Opportunities page on our website. We keep it updated regularly.

Attorney Resource not only made the process easy, but they exceeded my expectations on every level. They not only kept me informed on all opportunities that became available but they responded to me very quickly whenever I communicated with them and they never forgot about me. That service to me sets them apart. They helped me not only find a job during this recession, they helped me find THE job. Thank you Attorney Resource; and especially Ann Dunkin, you are the best!

Fort Worth Candidate TestimonialFort Worth, TX

This is my opportunity to share how hard working, caring and dedicated to professionalism Jennifer Colby, Catherine and Gail McDonald are and what a God send they all were to me. In an economy where we are told daily that jobs are scarce and told too by the news media every day the unemployment numbers are high…these ladies defied gravity. At one point while working with Jennifer I had 3 job placement offers in one week. During my interview process I had Catherine calling and cheerleading me into my meetings and making certain my confidence level was in high gear. Every week Gail made certain that my only worry and concern was doing my job because she was taking care of the rest. Each of these AWESOME LADIES made me feel every day that I was the only person they were working for…I know they were working for others too…but that notion never entered my thought process. In my mind that’s a CAREER PROFESSIONAL…it is who I believe each of these ladies to be and did I mention that they were, in my time of need, a God send to me!! I tell everybody if you need someone working to find you job…you’ll only need Jennifer’s AWESOME team!

Houston Candidate TestimonialHouston, TX

I want to take this time and tell you how much I appreciate you and all the staff at Attorney Resource. It has been such a fabulous experience working with you all. You all do an incredible job in making the process smooth and getting the right fit for skill sets. I can’t thank you all enough for everything you have done and for the great impact you have made in my life. I will definitely keep recommending Attorney Resource to anyone that I may hear of needing a better job in the legal field. You guys ROCK!! Much love and appreciation your way!!

Machelle, ParalegalHouston, TX

I just wanted to take a moment to say “THANK YOU” to everyone over there for giving me a chance and believing in me and helping me find the job I am at today. I was promoted to Paralegal July of 2014. I have enjoyed every minute of it too. Thanks to you guys I was able to reach my goal. I have wanted to be a paralegal since I was a little girl. I was able to experience being in the courtroom and being a trial paralegal for the first time in August 2015. It was a very long and stressful 4 weeks out in Sweetwater Texas. But it was a wonderful experience too. Anyways, I will let you be, I just wanted to share that with you. Please share with the rest of the gang!! HIGH FIVE to the success!!!!!!! If I had to rate ya’ll, I would give you 100 Stars because ya’ll are 100% great!

Clarissa, ParalegalDallas, TX

I highly recommend John Bernard. He was a pleasure to work with and connected me with the perfect job fit for me and my skills. John stands out among the rest of the legal recruiters because he comes from a legal background.

Lisa, ParalegalDallas, TX

Catie and Lori are incredibly easy to work with and personable. They work hard to find a job that is a perfect fit for your talents and needs. They take the time to get to know you and search for the opportunities that will work out best for you and their clients. I recommend this agency not only because they do an excellent job, but also because they go beyond their job. For individualized care and first name recognition, Attorney Resource is the best there is.

Ella, Legal AssistantDallas, TX

If you are considering using Attorney Resource (or more specifically, Rhonda Parker) to assist you with your job search, I highly encourage you to do so. Not only was she integral in helping me land a great position, she made sure that it was a position that suited my skill set. She also kept me informed along the way and was very responsive to any questions that I had during the process.

Kimberly, Legal SecretaryHouston, TX

Just wanted to take a second and jot a quick note of thanks. The last couple weeks has been all about getting into a routine and learning, but gratitude has been on my mind....So, without further ado, THANK YOU so much for setting up this opportunity. Definitely, this is the brighter horizons I was hoping for. This job and the people I work with - it is a perfect fit and everything I could have wanted in a job experience. So glad that their opening and my availability lined up this time. How do you do it? Y'all are amazing. Best thing I ever did was sign up with AR.

Elizabeth, Legal Assistant/Records ClerkDallas, TX

I wanted to say thank you for all you've done for me this summer. I found out I did get the Assistantship for grad school, and since the other job is up in the air, I'm going to go ahead and head home to get ready for classes. Y'all did an amazing job placing me and getting me interviews, and I can't thank you enough.

Julie, Legal SecretaryDallas, TX

I wanted to email thanking you ladies for including me as one of your temps. I truly tried to put my best foot forward while I was on assignment representing your company. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I was presented, and I take none of the hard work you ladies do on a daily basis for granted! Thank you once again and I wish you all the best.

Imani, Receptionist/Administrative AssistantDallas, TX

Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about other aspects of the legal assistant role. I wish all of you the best. You’re the best!

Yecenia, Legal AssistantDallas, TX